Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thank you for Joining us...please have a seat.

Quick and to the point....Ive been submitting all sorts of articles, stories, reviews, basically anything I can get printed via Newspaper, Blog, Magazine....anything. I needed to set up a new blog that would allow me to separate this venture from some of my other ventures(Hips food blog, Hips hockey blog, www.GreatValuesinUsedCars.Com) so as to provide people a place to vent, to praise, to condemn, to click on valuable google ads, etc etc. Here are my two most recent gems and hopefully there will be more to come.

Here was my first of the project...
Temecula Wine Trip

Good times and no joke I wanted to strip, frolic, and roll myself in brie.

Here is my latest....I am going to make the pre-concert combo one two punch review of food and music palatable to mainstream audiences. Kind of what like Vanilla Ice did for the white rapper movement-ok maybe not the best analogy

The Prodigy-Englands Favorite Industrial Thrash Band....and one great Fish Taco

Feel free to sign up and give your comments either on the above links or post here. I promise Ill do my best to keep this updated for relevancy-which is kind of Ironic since my whole goal is really capitalizing on being king of irrelevancy.

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